Friday, September 20, 2013

Online Calculus Textbook for Only $35

Calculus: Modeling and Application Calculus: Modeling and Application by Lawrence C. Moore and David A. Smith is an online interactive calculus textbook. For only $35, this textbook covers two semesters of single variable calculus.


  • Use of real-world contexts for motivation 
  • Guided discovery learning Hands-on activities (including built-in applets)
  • A problem-solving orientation
  • Encouragement of teamwork 
  • Written responses to questions 
  • Tools for self-checking of results 
  • Free access to the text for adopters 
  • Access to the Calculus: Modeling and Application library as well as the national WeBWorK library
  • All exercises potentially machine-gradable 
 Sample Chapters can be viewed at

 To learn more, click here.

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