Friday, April 20, 2012

Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013

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MAA is a participating partner in Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013, a year-long program to publicize and promote the role of mathematics in developing a better understanding of dynamic processes affecting Planet Earth, ranging from geophysical systems governing climate to economic and financial activity.

The following titles are related to the Mathematics of Planet Earth theme and can be found in the MAA Store.

Mathematical Modeling in the Environment by Charles Hadlock
MAA Textbooks, 312 pp., Paperbound, 1998 ISBN: 978-0-88385-709-0
Member Price: $52.95 | Buy in MAA Store

Based on the author's environmental and risk consulting experience with the firm of Arthur D. Little Inc., this book takes three key environmental issues and shows how mathematical modeling is used routinely in the real world to investigate them. These three issues are groundwater contamination, air pollution, and hazardous materials accidents. There is an elementary and an advanced chapter on each of these topics, readily separable to allow this book to be used with different audiences.

The book is heavily illustrated, and the problems reflect the kinds of issues encountered in practice. There is a highly interdisciplinary tone throughout with necessary background introduced as needed.

A Course in Mathematical Modeling by Douglas Mooney and Randall Swift
MAA Textbooks, 500 pp., Paperbound, 1999
ISBN: 978-0-88385-712-0
Member Price: $52.95 | Buy in MAA Store

This book is intended as a text for a modeling course accessible to students who have mastered a one-year course in calculus. Mooney and Swift present a unique approach to modeling. It balances theoretical versus empirical models, analytic models versus simulation, deterministic versus stochastic models, and discrete versus continuous models.
Examples are drawn from real-world data or from models that have been used in various applied fields.

Environmental Mathematics in the Classroom, B. A. Fusaro and P. C. Kenschaft, Editors.
Classroom Resource Materials, 268 pp., Paperbound, 2003
ISBN: 978-0-88385-714-4
Member Price: $46.00 | Buy in MAA Store

This collection of articles highlights the role of mathematics in solving and illuminating pressing environmental challenges. It does so at an elementary level, demonstrating a wide variety of significant environmental applications that can be explored without resorting to calculus.

Topics include ground-level ozone, pollution and water use, preservation of whales, mathematical economics, the movement of clouds over a mountain range, population models, the spread of infections, the survival of buffalo after the 19th century slaughter, groundwater dissipation, and the cleaning up of oil spills.

Supplementary Material & Solutions Manual for Mathematical Modeling in the Environment
150 pp., Paperbound, 1998
ISBN: 978-0-88385-713-7
Member Price: $16.95 | Buy in MAA Store

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