Friday, September 21, 2012

NPR's Science Friday Discusses Flatland

National Public Radio's Science Friday runs a "SciFri Book Club". This week they're discussing Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott with mathematician Ian Stewart. 

Flatland, Edwin Abbott Abbott's story of a two-dimensional universe, as told by one of its inhabitants who is introduced to the mysteries of three-dimensional space, has enjoyed an enduring popularity from the time of its publication in 1884. This fully annotated edition enables the modern-day reader to understand and appreciate the many "dimensions" of this classic satire. Mathematical notes and illustrations enhance the usefulness of Flatland as an elementary introduction to higher-dimensional geometry. Historical notes show connections to late-Victorian England and to classical Greece. Citations from Abbott's other writings as well as the works of Plato and Aristotle serve to interpret the text. Commentary on language and literary style includes numerous definitions of obscure words. An appendix gives a comprehensive account of the life and work of Flatland's remarkable author.
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Science Friday posted an excerpt of a review of the book originally published in The New York Times in 1885. Article

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