Friday, March 1, 2013

Cheryl McAllister reviews Icons of Mathematics

The following review of Icons of Mathematics by Claudi Alsina and Roger Nelsen was written by Cheryl J. McAllister in May 2012 as an MAA Review.

"Icons of Mathematics is #45 in the Dolciani Mathematical Expositions series, and it certainly lives up to the charge of the Dolciani series, providing highly readable discussions of a selection of 20 images that are as recognizable to the general public as they are to mathematicians. Each chapter focuses on one of the icons and includes a standard set of items: quotes from a wide variety of sources (Zhang Zai to Ralph Waldo Emerson), a short history of the figure including examples of uses of the image in mathematical and non-mathematical settings, examples of the figure in mathematical proofs of theorems or solutions to problems, and problems for the reader to solve..."

Read the full review here.

Cheryl J. McAllister taught high school for 4 years and has been on the faculty of Southeast Missouri State for 20 years. Using what she learned as an undergraduate from her minor in art, she teaches a freshman seminar on “The Mathematics of Art.” You may contact her at:

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