Friday, February 22, 2013

William Satzer reviews Explorations in Complex Analysis

The following review of Explorations in Complex Analysis by William Satzer was published as an MAA Review in December 2012.

"This new offering from the MAA is a collection of six inducements or invitations to further research for undergraduates with some background in complex analysis. The book is flexible enough to be a source of enrichment material, a basis for research projects, the kernel of a capstone course, or just a tool to ignite the interest of the mathematically curious..."

Read the full review here.
Explorations in Complex Analysis
William Satzer is a senior intellectual property scientist at 3M Company, having previously been a lab manager at 3M for composites and electromagnetic materials. His training is in dynamical systems and particularly celestial mechanics; his current interests are broadly in applied mathematics and the teaching of mathematics.

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