Friday, April 12, 2013

Now Available in the MAA Store

A Guide to Functional Analysis 

is now available in the MAA Store!

  Steven G. Krantz describes his new book below.

"Everyone knows that functional analysis is one of the most powerful tools of twentieth-century mathematics. The idea of studying entire spaces of functions, rather than just one function at a time, is both deep and original. Yet it is difficult to get a glimpse of what this subject is really about, or of how it works.

The Guide to Functional Analysis takes the neophyte reader and shows him/her the basic concepts and rubric of this time-tested discipline. All the major ideas are illustrated with concrete examples and applications to other parts of mathematics. There are even some illustrations.

This is a user-friendly, hands-on introduction to an otherwise austere and forbidding part of the mathematical lore. It will be helpful to students beginning the long journey down the path to mastery of analysis and also enlightening for any mathematician wanting to bone up on linear operators and their uses. This book is meant to be a guide, and we hope that it guides you to a pleasurable reading experience."

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Steven G. Krantz Steven G. Krantz earned his B.A. degree for the University of California at Santa Cruz and his Ph.D. from Princeton University. He has written over 70 books and over 180 scholarly papers. The MAA has awarded him both the Beckenbach Book Prize and the Chauvenet Prize.

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