Friday, June 14, 2013

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Learning Modern Algebra
Learning Modern Algebra: From Early Attempts to Prove Fermat's Last Theorem
by Al Cuoco and Joseph J. Rotman
MAA Textbooks Series

Learning Modern Algebra aligns with the CBMS Mathematical Education of Teachers-II recommendations, in both content and practice. It emphasizes rings and fields over groups, and it makes explicit connections between the ideas of abstract algebra and the mathematics used by high school teachers. It provides opportunities for prospective and practicing teachers to experience mathematics for themselves, before the formalities are developed, and it is explicit about the mathematical habits of mind that lie beneath the definitions and theorems.

Learning Modern Algebra is designed for college students who want to teach mathematics in high school, but it can serve as a text for standard abstract algebra courses as well.

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Beyond the Quadratic Formula
Beyond the Quadratic Formula
by Ron Irving
Classroom Resource Materials Series

Beyond the Quadratic Formula is designed for self-study, with many results presented as exercises and some supplemented by outlines for solution. The intended audience includes in-service and prospective secondary mathematics teachers, high school students eager to go beyond the standard curriculum, undergraduates who desire an in-depth look at a topic they may have unwittingly skipped over, and the mathematically curious who wish to do some work to unlock the mysteries of this beautiful subject.

(Print version coming soon to the MAA Store.)
New Horizons in Geometry
New Horizons in Geometry
by Tom M. Apostol and Mamikon A. Mnatsakanian
Dolciani Mathematical Expositions Series

Apostol and Mamikon provide fresh and powerful insights into geometry that requires only a modest background in mathematics.Using new and intuitively rich methods, they give beautifully illustrated proofs of results, the majority of which are new, and frequently develop extensions of familiar theorems that are often surprising and sometimes astounding. It is mathematical exposition of the highest order.

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