Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Undergraduate Mathematics for the Life Sciences

Check out David Bressoud's post Mathematics for the Biological Sciences in his blog Launchings where he discusses one of our latest ebooks, Undergraduate Mathematics for the Life Sciences: Models, Processes, and Directions edited by Glenn Ledder, Jenna P. Carpenter, and Timothy D. Comar.

MAA has just published a Notes volume, Undergraduate Mathematics for the Life Sciences: Models, Processes, and Directions [1] that provides examples and advice for mathematics departments that want to reach out to the growing population of biological science majors.

Biological science majors have replaced prospective engineers as the largest group of students taking regular Calculus I. From the MAA’s Calculus Survey [2], just over 28% of all students in mainstream Calculus I intend to pursue a major in the biological sciences, the largest single group of majors in this course.

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